Reinstalling the license for Profile Builder 2

The other day my power supply died and I replaced a bunch of parts in my computer. When it was running again I had to reinstall the licenses for Sketchup, Skalp and everything. Profile Builder 2 gave me an error message, it directed me to the EW where I clicked ‘update all my plugins’ but this didn’t get PB2 going again. Can you advise?

The exact message would likely help. This would determine if the message came from PB2 or SketchUp’s EW integration.

Hi Dan

The message was ‘License not found for PB2’ but I have since got it working
again. I unticked the extension in the window in the preferences dialog,
then clicked ‘enable’ in the EW which uninstalled it, then I was able to
install it again. That’s not very intuitive but I guess it would be
confusing for people if you tried to explain.
Also it took a few tries in EW. I have a satellite connection here which
suffers from long latency and EW often fails as does Trimble Connect.

But thanks for your help, I’m finding overall Sketchup was a good purchase
which allows me to run a business for a modest initial outlay.

Arnold Rowntree

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