Profile Builder 2

I bought Profile Builder 2 a couple of years ago. I would like to install it on my new laptop but when I search for it in the Extension Warehouse I only see Profile Builder 3. How can I find/download the older version?

Usually it installs from a download? Do you still have that somewhere so you can re-install from there?

I just had the same situation reinstalling profile builder 2 - it does not show up in my extension manager or the extension warehouse. It does show up though when you go to the extension warehouse, sign in and click on My Extensions in the box indicating you are signed in.

Same Problem, I want to reinstall my PB2 for the estimator side

I purchased it thru Extension Warehouse

When I reinstall the RBZ from an archive its say, cannot be licensed if purchased thru EW.

Must install using EW, but it is not avialable on EW… WTF!

like GSstudios it appears in “My Estensions” in EW as paid and active…

but no obvious way to install it again

I had an impression that PB2 won’t work with newer versions of SU than, perhaps, 2018. I haven’t tried, though.

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