Profile Builder 2 trial : installation problem


It seems it’s not possible to install Profile Builder 2 trial.

Does anyone have the same problem ?

Thank you so much.

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no problem, though a bit slow…might be high demand?
check that you are signed in?

Yes i cant download it either…

I had to search for Profile Builder (pro) then choose the Profile Builder 2 link in EW to get it - normal organic search in EW doesn’t work. FYI

Can you describe the details of the problems? Trouble downloading? Installation errors?

The RBZ package for Profile Builder is larger than most extensions, it might take a while to download.

I click on Install trial. Ok.
I accept to download the file and another window opens:
Impossible to dowload the extension for unknown reason

I disabled all the plugins with SketchUcation toolbox and it doesn’t work.

@Bryceosaurus & @ChrisFullmer - any idea what this is caused by? Any known issues currently with the servers?

I noticed this too. @thomthom, would you guys be able to look into this? You can’t find Profile Builder 2 by searching directly for it…

Dang! This is what I see:

But then the actual text returns:

I’ll escalate this one internally.

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Thanks Thom - much appreciated

I filed an issue for the search not working.

We’re looking into why some users are unable to install the trial. Is there chance that you guys have special characters in your username on the Warehouse? An ampersand & or something along those lines? We just found an error for another user with an ampersand in their username that seems to only affect Paid extensions and trials not being installed correctly.

I don’t know if this information helps, but I was able to download it on March 11th and I have had no problems with it.

Thanks Wade.

Could everyone who is having difficulties installing it chime in here? So far we’re not seeing any errors come up on our server, and most people are able to install it just fine. We don’t have a lot to go on at this point.

Is everyone who is seeing the error able to install other free extensions? Or other trials? Could you test both of those?

Jean Luc, could you message me your email address you use on the Extension Warehouse?

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Thanks Chris

There is no problem to install other extension.

I tried on my laptop and it’s exactly the same.

Chris, I emailed you my address on your facebook account.

I can’t install the plugin and I used to have and ampersand in my name. I removed it for my name but it hasn’t fixed the issue. Every time I try to install I get “sketchup was unable to install the extension for an unknown reason…” which is different from when I had the ampersand in my name, which would install but did not recognize the license. Can anyone help? I bought a license for myself at home and I love the plugin but it’s more useful to me at work! lol


Hi Chris, I’m having the same issues but don’t have any special characters in my user name. I’m able to install other plugins, this seems to be the only one I’m having problems with. I get a message to download the extension via my browser but I’m not sure how to do that. If I could I’d install it manually.

@szarchitectsltd - It sounds like you were able to work around the ampersand issue by changing your username, but now you’re running into the issue with the download that others are seeing. I’m sorry about that. We have not yet determined what is causing this problem, or how to fix it.

@rdwilkins - Thanks for your input as well. It sounds like there are quite a few users who are unable to install this extension, but can install others. I’ll be spending more time on this issue today.

Thanks everyone for the reports. I’ll keep this thread updated if I find anything.

Thanks Chris! We did try to put the plugin on another computer to see if that works but I think our name still had an ampersand in it. Don’t know if that helps.

A few days ago I was able to download the extension while running a SketchUp file and going to EW. I had to type in the exact name “Profile Builder 2” (without the quotation marks). The help files exist, but not in the form of a printable pdf manual. I’m concerned that there is no viable video tutorial associated with this plug in. I intend to buy the plugin after the trial period, but I am concerned also to find out that PayPal is not an accepted form of payment.

Hi jvlee, we currently don’t have a paypal option unfortunately.

@Everyone who has had the generic “Unable to Install” message, we are still working on this issue. There have been a few users that have been tirelessly helping me track down the issue here. Hopefully we will have it fixed shortly.