Profile Builder 3 Failing to load

Hi Everyone

Have not been on the forum for ages. Hope everyone is well.

For some reason my Profile Builder 3 is ‘Failing to Load’. I did an update and it states it’s installed in Extension Manager, but will not load when I start Sketchup.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Hi Mike,

Are you getting an error related to Profile Builder 3 when you start SketchUp? If not, what is the indication that it isn’t loading? Has the SketchUp version changed since your profile was last updated?

Hi @DaveR

Hope you are well.

Yes, when Sketchup Loads an error pops up stating it failed to load Profile Builder 3.

Oooo, I need to check. I’m still on Version 2021.


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How did you install Profile Builder 3?

I’m doing well except for being cooked in the heat.

I have tried uninstalling it and downloading from Mindsight Studios the latest version and then installing using the Extension Manager.

Still shows the error. As soon as I installed it.

Might try disabling my Firewall temporarily.


It’s possible that your firewall is preventing the extension from contacting the MindSight license server. Maybe you need to whitelist it.

Ummm, tried disabling both Firewall and Auto Protect.

As soon as I try to install it, it throws up the error but shows it as installed in Extension Manager.

I’ll try t contact Mindsight and see what they say.


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Good luck. It’ll be interesting to hear what they come up with.

Thank you. Me too :wink:

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