Profile Builder 3, I can't create a profile

Hi all!
On my notebook (Dell XPS, Windows 10), I can’t define a new profile: I select the 2D shape, press the “+” button but nothing happens. Sometimes it happened to me but it was enough to close Sketchup and reopen. Now it doesn’t work anymore. Has anyone solved it?
I must say that i can’t open the option component window… I suspect the two are related.

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Hi Box, thenks for your reply. I have only one monitor. I can open the PB3 dialog, i draw the shape, but when i click on “+” button… nothing.

Are you selecting the face of the profile? This is what I get.

Have you used more than one monitor? Is it possible the dialog is opening off screen?

Hi DaveR,
I have been using PB for four years now :slight_smile:
I can see the dialog (one monitor).

Are you seeing the Create New Profile dialog?

Still using SU2019 as your profile indicates?

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I’m using Skup 2021 (last version). Yes i can see the dialog. I try to define new profile, drowing the shape, selecting… when i click on “+” button to add profile, nothing happens

Have you installed any new extensions lately?
Also try rebooting the PC.


Have you installed any new extensions lately?

No extension installed lately.

Also try rebooting the PC.

I’ve already tried

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Try removing and re-install of PB3Reboot PC after install. Make sure to have your license info available.

I get it. It depends on the geometry of the shape! I had drawn the shape using “fillet n chamfer” plugin and the offset command.
I redesigned the geometry with only sketchup tools and ok, the profile has been generated!

I’ve run into this problem before and it seems that it has something to do with curves not being welded. Break apart all of your edges, then weld them, especially if you have used a chamfer/fillet, bezier, etc. plugin. Once that is done, I have had no problems creating profiles.

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