Profile Builder 3 Issue

I’ve been using Profile Builder 3 for a few months now, out of the blue it stopped opening.
Like the profile dialog itself isn’t opening. The assembly dialog still works.
The window is not open and lost, I tried checking that.
I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled both the extension, and sketchup.

have you used a second monitor? maybe off current screen?

it’s not from the second monitor.
i just tested it on my laptop, and everything works fine there, but not on the desktop. i wonder if it’s a licensing issue?

I two have experienced a very long delay in profile builder opening recently, it will open and work as expected eventually but SU will be unresponsive until It does.

Windows 11, Su2022, everything upto date.


Paul - can you make sure you have the latest version from here:
Profile Builder 3 RBZ

The unresponsiveness could be related to an issue that we recently fixed.

This won’t be a license issue. The dialog is probably opening off-screen.

See here for a potential fix:

@thomthom We are getting frequent reports of missing or hidden dialogs since the release of SU2023.1. Is this an issue that the SketchUp team is aware of? Also, I thought it was a Windows issue only but I’ve also received this type of report from a Mac user so perhaps it is not just Windows.

Official pinging should use @tt_su

I removed all of the files in my %appdata& involving extensions, and reinstalled them. now it works!
Not sure what the deal was, something I guess just got corrupted (I’ve been having windows registry issues with the OS in general lately too).

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