Preference window will not open

I cannot open my preferences window. It either freezes or just doesnt open. Anyone else have this problem?

Let’s do a simple test.

Open your Ruby Console (from Window menu.)
In the console type (or paste) this line (then hit ENTER):


Does the dialog open ?

If it does, try changing panels to the “Extensions” panel.
Does the dialog freeze ?

If, not try other panels, a report if it freezes on any certain panel. (I suspect it is having trouble enumerating some list of items in a list type control. The Extensions list would be my prime suspect.)

Do you use or have you used at any time more than one monitor?

Thanks Dan,
it does freeze, or more - it doesnt do anything. By pressing ESC i can continue using SU

Yes i have SU installed on a laptop. Then at work i have the laptop on a docking station which runs dual monitors.

Is there a way via a snippet in the Ruby Console to reset the workspace? Maybe it’s just that the Preferences window is opening off screen.

After running Dan’s snippet you could try pressing Tab four times and then pressing Enter. On my Windows machine that would activate the Reset Workspace button.


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Thank you all so much! once i reset the workspace i could then see the window. must have been opening off the screen. Cheers All

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Oh! “it” is the SketchUp application window? I thought you were still referring to the dialog as “it.”

Yes, an off screen dialog position makes sense in this case. Glad you corrected the situation.

Sorry to resurrect a very old thread but I’m having issues with this on my Mac using SU 8. though it doesn’t freeze, the program just down not open either preferences or ruby.
Any idea?

you need to fill in your profile acutely…

v8 used system ruby and will not run correctly on much latter versions of OS X than it was designed for…


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