Program freezes when going to Preferences

While modeling I noticed SU 2018 freezes when I go to Window> Preference. My mouse no longer responds and I hear a sound such as the one happening when one does not close a dialog box when I mouse click. yet I see no dialog box opened. Also, the whole window very lightly fades away and freezes. I have to go to the Task Manager and close the program to unfreeze.
It starts again fine, but the same issue happens when going again to >Preferences.
Would appreciate any insight. In the middle of a pressing modeling job.

It sounds to me as if the Preferences panel is opening off screen. This would be consistent with what you describe. If you try to open Preferences and then hit Enter, does it unfreeze?

To quote the famous Box,


Well thank you very much, you resolved my issue very quickly. The famous Box remains a mystery to me but is quite knowledgeable.
No doubt I’ll be back.

HI I have looked at this thread because when i try to change the default file settings under Windows/preferences/files my computer freezes and I have to end the program with Task Manager. I want the default save back up to a file that is separate form my working file.
Can you help please.

At the time you think you should see the preferences, do you get boinged at by Windows if you click? If you do, then SketchUp isn’t locked up, it’s just that the preferences window is off screen somewhere. What Dave quoted from Box would be the solution. Here’s the steps:

Alt-spacebar, then release both keys.
Tap the M key (for Move, tap a different key for other languages).
Tap any arrow key.
Move the cursor.

The lost window should be attached to the cursor.