Problem with preference dialog box

I have a problem that my sketchup freezes when I try to open the preference dialog box
I have windows 64x

If you hit enter, does SketchUp free up and work again? It sounds like you’ve got Preferences opening off screen.

Thanks for your help. I am having a very bad time with this. My computer totally freezes and I have to turn it off.

I have a subscription for Sketchup Pro, but the other day a message came up asking me to update sketchup, I shouldn´t of done it. I don’t know which version I downloaded, but then the starting page appeared differently. When I started having problems, I unistalled sketchup Pro and downloaded it again through Trimble connect.

I think maybe another version of sketchup may have installed controllers that might be causing the problem.

The last time this happened I had to reset the format the whole computer.