Sketchup 2024 extension manager problem

Hi ,
i would like to ask if anyone has experienced problem with estention manager dialog window? My dialog window wouldnt show up . any advice would be much appreciated.
thanks Miro

Follow this guide exactly after closing then opening SketchUp.

Make sure you clicked only once on Menu>>Extensions>>Extension Manager and does not clicked anywhere else afterwards.

  1. Hold down the ALT key. Hit SPACEBAR.
  2. Release ALT key
  3. Hit M (Move).
  4. Hit one of arrow keys
  5. Move your mouse around (without pressing any mouse key) until you see the missing window.
  6. Press left mouse button on the desired place

( Note I assume you have English windows otherwise you may need to replace “M” with a localized start letter, e.g. “L” in French)

Well that did something. But…only thing i could see was tha cross move sign but no dialog window. Thanks @dezmo but IT IS like its not there.

at this point hit any arrow key then move the mouse around without clicking.

Yes i did that @Box but as i moved the mouse no clicking i could only see the cross move sign moving around nothing else :person_shrugging:

These things are quite specific, simple but important.

Yes understud them and did exactly what was said. I had to go but will try later when i get back to comp. Thanks

If you cannot get the Move window command to work, you can edit the "PrivatePreferences.json" file for SU2024.

Use a good code editor like VSCode or Notepad++.

  1. Close SketchUp 2024

  2. Navigate to:
    %LocalAppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2024/SketchUp/

  3. Make a backup copy of the "PrivatePreferences.json" file.

  4. Open the original "PrivatePreferences.json" file

  5. Scroll down to:
    "This Computer Only" > "WebCommonDialog_ExtensionManager"

  6. Change the coordinate values for: "Top" and "Left" attributes,
    so that the dialog window will be onscreen.

  7. Save the file, close the editor.

  8. Restart SketchUp.

Ok dear friends i managed to show the dialog the way dezmo suggested.
The problem is with secound monitor isue. When i unplugged additional monitor and used only laptop screen IT came Up with dezmos solution. So the additional monitor is the problem.
Thanks @DanRathbun i did not get to try your way.
Thanks @dezmo and @Box fór helping me out.