Extension Manager not showing in 2024

Both “extension manager” and “extension warehouse” is not showing. All other extensions and dialoque boxes is showing, also “generate reporte”. The problem happens regardles if I use one ore two screens. It is not a problem in SU2023.
I have tried both these trixes:

  • alt+space+arrow+mouse
  • adding this script: ObjectSpace.each_object(UI::HtmlDialog, &:center)
  • Changed back to “classic graphics engine”
  • I`ve also run the “Sketchup checkUp program”. This program stated that my computer meets all the requierments.

The only prblem I find is in the Ruby Dialoge, but I do not know what this means or what I can do about it:


Kan any body help?

When you installed v2024 did you select the installer’s exe file [in Downloads] and right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator
Installing by double-clicking to Run it creates unpredictable errors.
You can do this again with SketchUp closed, and when prompted choose ‘Repair’.
It will do no harm, but might fix somethings…

I don’t have “su_pcp” installed - why do you ?
You could try disabling it in the Extension Manager ??

thanks you a quick reply! yes, I installed an always open as admin. I do not know what “SU_pcp” is, and since I cannot open the extension manager I am not able to disable it…

If you had the SketchUcation Tools installed their Plugins Manager lets you disable the loader RB.
It does this by re-suffixing it as .RB! so SketchUp doesn’t load it at a restart.
You could try doing this manually… BUT
I just found out that su_pcp is part of Trimble’s Scan Essentials…
It only works on PCs.
So the ‘loader’ RB file might be named something else ?
Did you install it from the Extension Warehouse or with the main installer ?

If none of my suggestions get us anywhere, then I think you might need to uninstall v2024 and reinstall it - ensuring the Trimble Scan stuff is NOT selected…

Thanks for getting back to me! I have a Studio-subscription, so scan essentials coms with the program as a “shipped extension”. And I actually us it, so I dont want to get rid of it.

Doesn`t any one in the SKetchup Team follow and answer these issues?

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Just to check, you should use the Right click Run as Admin to install the program, but not run the program as admin.

ok, thanks for checking with me! I does how ever noe difference, Im still not able to access “extension manager” and “extension warehouse”.

I could mention at the same time that SU24 crashes 1-5 times imediately when I try to open the program after the computer has been switched of, and that it only same times opens a “bug-splat-box” that I can send in. When it does, I get this reply -can thes problems be related?

Are you sending in the Bug splats with identifying info so @colin or other Staff can track them and see the issue.

That would have been the first thing worth mentioning!

  • alt+space+arrow+mouse should have been * alt+space+m+arrow+mouse, if you’re using English.

For the 2024 crashing when the welcome screen is about to appear, try going into %LocalAppData%\SketchUp\ and rename the SketchUp 2024 folder to be something else. When you reopen SketchUp that folder will be recreated, and hopefully fix the issue. If it doesn’t there are other places where you could try a similar test.

Thanks for getting back to me!
A: This trix does not help. As I described earler, all other apps/extensions work fine, including “generate report” and profilebilder that opens in separate commandboxes. These all come back using the trix ypu describe: alt+space+m+arrow+mouse. But not bring back “extension manager” and “extension warehouse”.

B: I cannot find "%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\ " on c:, neither by manual search or using the search functionality in win11. Can you describe more detailed where this folder is supposed to be?

another problem is that it is very rare(1/20 times?) that the bug-splat-dialoqe-box opens up, so I have only reported this a few times…

This is a hidden system folder, it can be exposed by going into File Explorer>View>options>change folder and search options>view tab.

You would not search for it. In File Explorer you would paste %LocalAppData%\SketchUp\ into the path field.

I did see the bugsplat you sent i. For that one the crash happened when the welcome screen was about to show. I’m hoping that recreating the SketchUp 2024 folder at the path I gave will help.

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Hi! I’ve read through this feed, and I’m having the same problem with extension manager not working. So I can’t install any new extensions, and I’m not able to go in and uninstall the extension that SU keeps giving me error messages for. The things mentioned above don’t make any sense to me (I’m not very technical, I just downloaded the 2024 SU version last week and am trying to get all of my settings back to my normal). Thank you in advance for help!