Extension >MANAGER< Window is Not Appearing 2024

Hello Everyone,

Seems every few version years this issue is occurring and now I’ve encountered it. Currently using Sketchup 2024 - 24.0.484 64bit after encountering bugs in the latest version that completely stopped workflow.

The main issue at hand I am currently having as the title states, the extension manager window itself is not appearing at all. Extension warehouse displays normally without issue.

I tried the ‘webcache’ folder method, no resolution unfortunately.
Other methods followed;


Any help regarding this issue is greatly appreciated.

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Try same solution as here "Generate report " Wont open - #8 by rtches

Gave it a whack. Not sure if this is the expected result. I tried to open the extension manager before and after pasting the line in console.

Maybe with SketchUp html dialog is not working. With plugin’s html windows works