Sketchup extension manager not opening

Hey guys,
My extension manager doesn’t load. I’m using the 2021 version of sketchup pro.

What do you mean? Is the window opening but blank or do you not see the Extension Manager window at all?

SketchUp itself is functioning well. but when opening Extension Manager, it gives me blank window. Only extension manager window doesn’t work.

Have you tried other browser-based windows? Component Warehouse? Extension Warehouse? Geo-location?

Yes, above mentioned windows work fine. Only the extension manager. Now I cant install some other plugins.

Try repairing the SketchUp installation. Quit SketchUp, find the installer in your Downloads folder (or download it fresh from here: Download All | SketchUp), right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then when the option is presented, select Repair.

Done doing this already for few times, but problem persist.

Try clearing the Webcache folder in %AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2O21/SketchUp

It is a hidden folder.

If you are able to open the extension warehouse, you can install a plugin using an eneroth extension that allows you to do it just by dragging and dropping from the desktop or the folder where the file is kept to the sketchup window, I don’t remember the name of the extension right now.