Extension not opening

Hi, I have a problem opening my extension manager in Sketchup 2024. Any tips?
I think I have installed a few extensions that crashed Enscape during opening and would like to delete them, but unfortunately, I can’t open the extension manager.

Have you been using more than one display with your computer? It might be that the Extension Manager window is opening of screen. As a first step try Window>Preferences>Workspace>Reset Workspace. If that doesn’t work, click on Extensions>Extension Manager and then do the following:

Hold alt and tap space, release alt, then tap m followed by any arrow key. Finally, without clicking, move the mouse around until the dialog appears, click to finish

Hi Dave,

I did what you suggested but nothing happen.

This is a little more drastic but worth a shot. Close SketchUp and then in File Explorer go to User/AppData as shown below. Delete the PrivatePreferences.json file. Then restart SketchUp. User/AppData is normally a hidden folder so you would need to make it visible.

FYI: The PrivatePreferences.json file is located in the %LocalAppData% path.