Profile Builder 2 Tutorial

I recently downloaded the trial version of the newly posted Profile Builder 2 extension. This appears to be a powerful tool to include with SketchUp, but I could not find a tutorial covering it although a help file is provided. Using the help file is cumbersome IMHO and it’s usually easier to learn by following a well documented video file as a teaching example. Is anyone aware of such a resource for this plugin?

Tutorials are coming…I just can’t promise when…:slight_smile: hopefully will have a couple done before the end of the month.

Cool…I will be pleased to see these tuts and I hope they will help shorten the learning curve for implementing what appears to be a wonderful addition to the SU toolbox.

Will it be possible to use PayPal to purchase the extension before the trial period runs out?

You’ll have to ask someone from the Extension Warehouse team. I don’t know if they plan to ever support Paypal. (I hope so)

Here’s a couple tutorials to get you started.

Thanks for posting these. This is a useful extension. I will be watching for any others.

BTW, although I know this is not in your wheelhouse, it is not currently possible to buy the extension using Extension Warehouse. The dialog box allows user ID info to be input, but no window opens that allows credit card data to be entered. I have tried to pay for the extension while going through a SketchUp file on at least 4 occasions. The process is set up such that you cannot initiate a purchase through a web browser; you must be logged on thru SketchUp. (Window > Extension Warehouse > your username > My Extensions).

I hope someone can correct this soon.

I have had the problem in the past that I just wasn’t seeing the full window once the payment information is open; I had to scroll down with the mouse wheel to see the bottom of the window with the continue/accept buttons. Is this happening to you? I was able to purchase this extension through the warehouse without any problems.

Thanks @Wade. I was able to finally get the purchase window to cooperate, although it was a convoluted process…it certainly should never be so difficult to pay for an extension.

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is there ant tutorials for pb2 yet I’m having a rough time wrapping my head around how to make this work for what i am trying to do

Lots of tutorials right here:

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The tutorial playlist for Profile Builder 2 continues to grow! Just added a new one today for the Revolve tool: