I can not buy the extension (Profille Builder 2)


On the “Billing 1.” I fill fields: address, and ets. I click "Continue to Payment"
On the tab “2. Payment”, I fill in the fields: Card Number, and ets. I click "Purchase"
I get on the page "Buy SketchUp Pro"
But I already have a license !!!
And I can not buy the extension of …
Help! …


Yes, this can be somewhat confusing >> there’s a Free Edition, a Pro Edition, and the new Profile Builder 2 which is normally $49.99, but is 25% off for a limited time.


Can you confirm which one you are trying to download? Can you send a screen shot of what you are experiencing?

Were you able to successfully login? What version of SketchUp Pro do you have?



I tried purchaser and through sketchup and through chrome

This error does not occur when you try to buy through a browser


Thank you so much for the detailed screenshots. I can duplicate this error as well. I will file a bug for it and we will look into it.



I also had problems trying to purchase this extension initially. I was ultimately successful in buying it but it was a difficult process.

Here is the link to the thread where my concerns were addressed. Maybe this will be of some help. This is lengthy thread, but it’s best to read the entire thread to check what others have done to download the extension.


I have a request if you could help look into this for me.

Go to the Purchase Page where you get the “Session Error” message. Instead of changing the country, right click on a blank part of the page and choose “Properties”. What is listed as the “Address:(URL)” in the properties window? Can you copy and paste that here?



But I think it is - not a major error.
If I try to buy through Internet browser (Chrome), this error does not occur. But redirects to buy SketchUp (but I already have a license). I see an error that my account is not properly verified. For some reason, the system thinks that I do not have a license. in my opinion.