Extension Warehouse Purchases Sales Support Suscription or Not

Attempted to make a purchase of a Paid Extension multiple times, failed with message that there was purchase error. Changed credit cards, changed browsers, only to receive the same error. Sent tech support a message for assistance.



What plugin are you trying to buy? Some extensions are just listed and you must visit the developer website, gumroad or any other platform where the plugin is sold to be able to get it, I haven’t ever being asked for my sketchup subscription to be able to buy a plugin. Are you trying to get a plugin developed by sketchup team that is part of the sketchup studio bundle? In case you’re trying to get the Revit importer or scan essentials, you need to have a studio license.


Good Evening, Its was for Flat Text, Scribble and Pretty Print.

I’ve purchased a few extension and never had issues, this was the exception.

I’m not sure why they didn’t want to assist me without a Subscription. Like I said in the Comment I manage several Classic and Active Subscriptions, but none of that is Relevant. Extensions can be purchased by anyone, Subscription or Not.

I just tried to purchase one of them, it opened the web browser extension warehouse site, to be able to download a plugin you must be logged in with a sketchup account, it doesn’t matter if it has an active license or a classic license, you must just be logged in with any sketchup account.

Maybe because support is only for 1 year from the latest purchase date…
It is something you pay for.

Those three extensions have a trial version, and I see that you have done a trial with each one. I wonder if there is a problem in our system that is affecting whether you can go from a trial to a paid version.

I could remove those trials from your account, and then you could go straight to the paid version, see if that works ok. Would you like to try that with one of the extensions?


That would be a good place to start, yes please disable them and I’ll try again



I got the purchases (3) extensions to go through, but it was apparently under my work account. Anyway to switch the 3 extensions over to my private account? Little messy because tech services made me log in with my active subscription (work) and I didn’t pay attention which account I was logged into.



I will send a message to you to get some details.

Colin, I appreciate your assistance.

The Purchase email went to my personal email, but the license is under my work email and account? Odd

Thank You,


Look at your avatar in the upper right of the page. You should see there is a message from me.

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