[Question] Payment Extension Warehouse

@ ALL,
is it possible to pay extensions via paypal?

when yes how?

when not, why not?

i have a project and nead instantly an extension.
actually support the warehouse only CreditCards like Visa etc.

is in the near time planned an other payment methode ,too?
in europe cost a PrepaidVisaCard 36€/41$+19%Tax
the plugin cost 18$/15,84%+19%Tax

everybody can see, for european sketchup users this will be expansive.

have anybody a solution?

thank you for your attension
and thank you for all answers that solve this problem.


Hello Dean,

Which Extention are you wanting to purchase? You will have to contact the developer of that extension and ask for payment options :smile:


sorry the mail was sending via google mail and was send directly in the forum.

i have delete this.

i have had think, that the answer is only for the SUCM
and will not send to the public.

ok the answer was: we provide only payment via extension warehouse.

i think, for one problem we find more than one solution.

thank you

i have seen now your picture. and my memory in my head tell me

“Dean you know this person”
→ sketchucation-forum. :slight_smile:

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