Enroth Slicer not taking payment

Enroth has advised I contact support but will try here first for speed in the hope a team member can pick up.
I’m trying to buy Enroth Slicer but it says card can’t be used… any card I try? I am on windows 11 & Sketchup 2023 pro.

Maybe @eneroth3 can help you

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It’s the weekend. The team members who would be most likely to notice a forum post are also most likely not at work. But perhaps the direct ping to eneroth3 will provoke a reply.

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Tried that… she said to contact support!

I have been also trying to get the license and spoke to the developer. There is no link to pay for it in the Extension warehouse.

Does it do the same in the web browser?
Eneroth Slicer | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Yes. Not sure why developer doesn’t get more involved with this issue… trying to send her money!

I had the same problem today trying to purchase the plugin. Anyone else had any luck?

do what Adam says. go into your web browser using the direct link. and you can choose trial or purchase.

Purchase will open a popup, be patient, it took about 30s for me to get the actual paying page, time for the security request and all.

I’m guessing the security in the extension warehouse is not as high as a normal browser, can’t see the url, can’t see if it’s secure, etc.
So payment can only be made in the web page. doesn’t surprise me, and given the choice, wouldn’t probably buy an extension within SU. I would still go to the actual website.

ateliernab - Did you try and actually process payment for the extension? That’s where the web browser system breaks down for me, as for the original poster on this thread.

well no, because I don’t plan on buying the extension. I stopped there.

Thanks ateleiernab

Is there a Trimble forum monitor out there who could look into this?

I was going to try buying it but it turns out I already have and forgot about it.

This payment portal is timing out - I can’t pay

So it’s resolved - Safari does not like the Ext Warehouse. Fire foxed it

Im running into this same issue with Chrome, are you saying you were able to purchase with firefox browser?

Try clearing cache first. If unsuccessful, use another browser.

Same issue, tried incognito, tried different browsers (chrome/firefox/edge), still can’t pay
Signed up to this forum, typed this post, figured I didn’t try Opera…

finally using Opera on a Windows machine let me pay :face_with_raised_eyebrow: