Eneroth Slicer Extension not working2

I cannot use an extension from Eneroth that paid for last year. Since I changed computer it is telling me that the extension isn’t licensed. I tried to buy it again but it isn’t letting me do it. Every time I tried I have the message “your session expired”.
I heard it could be because I didn’t uninstall it on my last computer but I couldn’t do it as the machine is broken.
Please any suggestion?

Many thanks,



Might be related to these two cases, something about changing emails :

If so, @colin or @ChrisFullmer might be able to take a look.

What email do you use when buying extensions? I don’t see any paid for Eneroth extensions under your forum email. You did do a trial of Eneroth Slicer.

They’ve fixed my account and that may have been the cause, not sure
The troublesome plugins are all working for me now


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Hello Colin,
Thank you for your message,
If not under lumpp-artisans, possibly under an live.fr email address.
Otherwise that means I have never bought it and was using a free version for years?
However as explained I actually tried to buy it (possibly again) 2 days ago and didn’t find a way to do so…

many thanks


I checked that account, and do see you bought Eneroth Slicer. Is that the extension you’re trying to get to work? The account looks ok.

So, remove the extension, make sure you’re signed in with the live.fr address, and install the extension again. That should work.

Hi Colin,
this is indeed for the Eneroth Slicer extension. I tried to delete it but can’t find a way to do so. Unlike the other extensions there is no cross next to it in “extension warehouse / my downloads”. Is there another way to delete the extension?

I just tried again to buy it from my @outlook.com account but every time I got the message " session timed out".

To remove the extension go to Extension Manager not Extension Warehouse. Click on Manage at the top and then Uninstall to the right of the extension.

As Dave shows, I only meant you should uninstall the extension, not remove it from your account.

Hello Colin,
Sorry for replying only this late to your answer.
The thing is my sketch up pro is licensed under my outlook.com email. This is the one email I am using now so I need the extension to work with this account. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to buy the extension again. Whenever I try to purchase it, it says "the request cannot be fulfilled successfully, please contact the store administrator …I tried contacting Eneroth but they said the problem is from the Sketchup end.