Eneroth Componente Replacer

Hi - my most important plugin - (welllll - one of my most important plugins) Eneroth component replacer just stopped working. It says I don’t have a license. I still have the receipt with the license key but I can’t find a way to enter it anywhere in Sketchup. Where do you enter your license information? @ene_su

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you’re not alone, and apparently it’s solvable :slight_smile:

Your account had the same issue as the other case, and I did the same fix. See if things are ok now, and if they are not, uninstall the extension, restart SketchUp, and install the extension again.

I uninstalled Component Replacer, Quit Sketchup, Reopened it. Went to the warehouse, trying to reinstall. Get the 7,00 € purchase option… Ah - but now I realize - I have multiple personalities - I have a work e-mail-adress and a private address and apparently I purchased the license from my private address back in the day. @Colin → can I private message you about this, just to be sure which plugins I have and don’t have? Don’t want to repurchase everything… :slight_smile:

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I replied to your private message!

For the interest of other people, if your primary email address changes for some reason, we do have a way to transfer the entitlement for extensions to the new email address.


Hi @colin → Thanks that did the trick. Good to know that one can transfer licenses to another user. It does - however - bring me to a more fundamental question. I (my company) actually have 14 Sketchup Pro licenses that I can assign to users via the management console. This is really handy, because - let’s face it - there will always be a bit of movement - people do come and people do go occasionally. From the Sketchup side this works flawlessly - but when buying an extension directly from the warehouse it kinda iffy. It would be so much nicer if I could just by 14x component replacer and assign them to my users the way I assign the Sketchup Pro license. It would also make the process of buying the extension much easier - right now you it’s tricky to even get a proper bill for an extension. 7 $ - ok - no problem - we’ll book it as a private expense - but if I want to invest into a more expensive extension? So the question is: is there a better way to buy and manage extensions for companies?

Perhaps extensions bought from Sketchucation can be reassigned to different people, but ones from Extension Warehouse are tied to the email address of the person who bought the extension. I don’t see an easy way around that.

@ChrisFullmer is in charge of that team. At least he can pass on the request to be able to manage extensions like you can subscriptions.

Yeah - we have a few extensions - most of them use external payment methods and can be easily managed. The ones from the warehouse are a problem. We were already thinking of setting up “fake” email addresses like “sketchupuser01@mycompany.com” or something like that but it feels stupid because I can manage my Sketchup users quite well using the backend. Opportunity for improvement - and more sales…

I believe I have the same issue here. Uninstalled quit, restart, reinstall. Still not working, have license email still. I don’t have the option to re-purchase from warehouse. Even that would be a reasonable solve. I’d buy this plugin three times a year.