Problem re-installing paid extensions after Upgrade to SU pro 2024


Hello friends,

I’m having trouble re-downloading and installing extensions that I’ve paid for in previous versions of Sketchup Pro. Specifically, when I try to download and install Eneroth Pipe and Eneroth Slicer, I’m in a kind of loop, where SU tells me I don’t have a license for the extension and asks me if I want to go to the warehouse to buy one. I click yes, because frankly I’d gladly pay another five dollars for these extensions, and then it just takes me back to the extension’s page and I click download. It says the extension has downloaded successfully, but then when I try to open it, it tells me I need a license, etc. How do I get out of this loop? Any thoughts appreciated. I’ve attached a video of what’s going on.

@colin Could you assist Mferraro678?

Yes I can!

I had to adjust something in your account, those two extensions should work ok now.


WOW, Thank you so much! Both work now. I appreciate it. Those are essential to my work.