Paid for Extension but keep getting message to buy and causes freeze


I’m very new to SketchUp and just purchased the Pro Subscription. I needed the SnapTool Connector extension to do the task I need to do. I purchased the extension, got the receipt, but still get the message that I must purchase a licensed copy. Then it causes SketchUp to freeze.

Anyone have any insight or experienced this? I’ve reached out to the developer but have yet to get a response.


They are working on a fix, I guess?

I had a somewhat similar experience yesterday - from within Sketchup Pro 2019 I bought an extension and it installed. Didn’t work. At first manager said it was installed - later it said it couldn’t get the license.

Via tech support I tried at their suggestion removing the extension and then installing it in the classic version. It worked there. I don’t know what will happen from this point on, though.

Hey Dave,

We have seen this happen on occasion specifically with SketchUp Pro subscription users. Were you able to resolve this issue? Let me know if you are still seeing the extension license issue.

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It was resolved. A Sketchup representative had to resolve the issue by deleting and re creating my licenses.

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Is there a fix planned for this? A public help article would also be useful.

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