Extension licensing issues

Since I’ve updated to Sketchup 2023 I’ve had chronic licensing issues with some extensions.

I’ve verified that I did indeed purchase the extensions but I keep getting a no license error.
If go to the Extension Warehouse page for the extensions all I see is the Install button with no option to purchase which tells me I must have a license

I’ve tried every combination I can think of short of wiping my install completely and starting over including quitting, deleting, sign-in/out, etc. but the extensions don’t find a license.

Any suggestions from the hive mind?

OSX 13.5.1 on M2 Mini
Sketchup Pro 23.1.241

Which extensions specifically?

Please update your forum profile with that info.

I hate to put a developer’s name on the forum this way. Is this a private discussion?
I’ll update my profile


it’s not a private discussion it’s a public forum.

but you need to understand that unless we know what extension is causing trouble, nobody can help you. just give the link to the extension or its name, the developer might well be on this forum on a daily basis.

there is no problem saying “hey XYZ, I can’t use your tool, can you help”?

edit : you can contact most extension developers straight from the extension page, so I assume that if you’re posting for help here, it didn’t bear fruits. help us help you :slight_smile: