Eneroth Extension Compatibility 🥳

I’ve finally gotten around to mark my extensions as 2022 and 2023 compatible :partying_face:

Most extensions have been compatible the whole time, just that I haven’t ticked the checkbox in Extension Warehouse. Eneroth Legacy Save is patched to play better with the newer “versionless” versions of SketchUp. Eneroth Viewport Resizer doesn’t work in 2023, but the issue is known and tracked at SketchUp.

If you find other compatibility issues with my extensions, feel free to point them out!


Suddenly none of my Eneroth paid subscriptions will recognize my licenses. I assume I own licenses because I have no option to purchase in Extension Warehouse, verified in Extension Warehouse/my Downloads.

I’ve used Component Replacer for years as a free extension and with this also I have no option to purchase. Component Replacer Free was working until last week.

I’ve tried what I think is everything short of reinstalling Mac OSX. I temporarily deleted my Sketchup install data in Application Support to see what would happen starting from scratch with no extensions. No go.

Mac Mini M2 2023
OSX Ventura 13.5.1
Sketchup Pro 2023.1.341

The Extension Warehouse licenses are activated once the extension is installed directly from Extension Warehouse within SketchUp.

Did this problem occur when installing the extension any other way, such as copying the plugin folder? Did something else on the system change, e.g. hardware being replaced or the system being restored from a backup?

I did copy the plugin folder but it’s been several months since upgrading from Skethup 2022 to 2023

The issue is more recent re Component Replacer, I hadn’t been trying to use Visual Merge or View Memory until recently

I’ve reinstalled the extensions multiple times as well as removing the Application Support folder and starting fresh
Didn’t work though
I’ll try removing just the Plugin folder, reinstalling and report back

Removed the Plugins folder
Removed Sketchup install and re-installed
Installed all Plugins one at a time

Component Replacer…license missing (no evidence I ever bought this one)

View Memory…license missing

Visual Merge…license missing

Something particular with my system ???

What’s puzzling is I don’t have the option to purchase licenses.

Tried to purchase Align Face to see what happens…

When I advance to payment in the web browser I get this:

I looked at your account and could see a potential issue with a few of the Eneroth extensions, and a couple of non-Eneroth extensions. I did something to fix that, and your extensions should license ok now.

The license missing alerts went away in Extension Manager for Visual Merge and View Memory but I still get a license missing dialog when I try to use them
No option to purchase Component Replacer
Still get stuck at Payment screen if I try to purchase Align Face

Signed out/in
Quit Sketchup/Reopened

You own component replacer, and that should be ok now. Not sure about align face.

For any remaining problem extensions, try uninstalling the extensions, restart SketchUp, then install them again.


That did it. Thanks much

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Hi Christina & @colin ,
I’m having a similar issue with Component Replacer. I have reinstalled SketchUp and all extensions on a new computer after a harddrive failure.
I now can’t use Component replacer because it won’t acknowledge the licence I have and can’t repurchase because I already have a licence. Stuck!
It may be that when I originally purchased it, I was using a different email address on my Trimble account? Can’t remember.
Very happy to re-buy if need be, but any help you could give would be really appreciated.

I did my usual fix for the problem in your account. If you uninstall and reinstall the extension on the new computer, it should work now.

I have tried to purchase the “Eneroth Scene Tag Visiblily” extension a few times.
I get to the part about filling in credit card details, do that, and then always this screen comes. The session times out, in a matter of milliseconds

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