Eneroth Slicer

SU 24.0.484 64-bit

I purchased a copy of Eneroth Slicer on 1/8/23. My hard drive crashed a couple of months back and I’m trying to install the extension on my new drive. When I attempt to use it, I get a message that it’s unlicensed. I go to the extension warehouse and attempt to purchase again, but I don’t get a purchase option - only download.

I’ve uninstalled the extension using extension manager. Reinstalled with the same results. Tried with a different browser with the same results. If I look at the My Downloads link when clicking on my profile picture in extension warehouse, I find that Eneroth Slicer shows 3/3 activations, which is why, I suspect, that I’m not getting an option to purchase. Is there any way to reset the activations, or remove the entry completely so that I can purchase again?


@colin can probably fix it in the Extension Warehouse for you.

Thank you @DaveR.