Any additional tutorials available yet?

Continuing the discussion from Profile Builder 2 Tutorial:

I am becoming very enamored of this plugin, but I would still like to see more tutorials so that the most effective use can be gained from it. Have any more instruction materials been made available online or elsewhere? I had hoped to find clear information on how to construct the examples shown in the video accompanying the plugin purchase page.

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We plan to have an awesome Blog Post about this soon. So keep an eye out for that.


Thanks for the heads up Alex. I hope it’s posted soon!

This isn’t comprehensive, but this is a short video on using Profile Builder 2 as well.

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Thanks Tyson,

I have seen this and one other video dealing with PB2. I am trying to locate any that may fully describe the processes used in developing the models shown in the teaser for the extension.

Profile Builder 2 has a new website that will feature tutorials. More are in the works. Check it out here:

@jvleearchitects… I recently published an article on our SketchUp Blog that may offer a little more information:

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Thanks @Josh,

I saw the article and I have been using PB2 for several months now. I have become comfortable with this extension and have found many uses for it.