Profile Builder 2 Tutorials and Support Information

I recently communicated with the developer of this addon and he let me know about the existence of a new website that offers more video tutorials and additional support for PB2.

The new site is a step in a positive direction for all who want to use the extension. The url is:

I understand that other video tutorials will be posted at regular intervals.

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For anyone else looking for a little help with Profile Builder 2, check out this article on our SketchUp Blog:

Is there a thread for a whishlist?

I’d like a key shortcut for reversing path to use in Profile Builder 2…
Like ‘Tab’ for exemple, which is used by Suforyou for instance…

Do you mean Reverse Member?

You can already add your own keyboard shortcut for it.

Yes, I agree but they are not contextual.

What I’d like is a shortcut that works only when creating a profile, like when you use offset on surface (to switch between lines and construction lines or the like). I already have a ton of shortcuts so I’d find it handy to have more contextual shortcuts so a same key could be used for different tools (typically Tab, shift,Alt,Ctrl)…

Ahh… You should have mentioned that in your previous post.

I guess contextual shortcuts would need to be a SketchUp thing, not specific to an extension.

Yes, I should have :wink: Sorry…

Hi optima,

We love getting feedback and feature requests. The best way to reach us is the contact page on the Profile Builder website.


We just launched a free new video training course for Profile Builder 3 which contains over 2 hours of in-depth SketchUp tutorials! Here is a sampling below for those that are interested.


@Whaat, these videos are excellent! I’ve had all the versions of Profile Builder, but I have never had a complete grasp of how all the features work. These are all very clear and concise!
Thank you!

That is so great to hear! Thank you!

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Great video, very clear, well paced and consise… thx

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