Profile Builder Assembly Workshop

The purpose of this thread is to improve our skills at making assemblies in Profile Builder. I say ‘our’ because I myself am out of practice making assemblies and I’m looking for some inspiration to refresh my skills. (BTW, I’m the creator of PB)

So please post images, elevations, and / or sections of assemblies you’d like to create and lets see if I, or another PB user, can create it.

If someone is able to create a requested assembly (or if you’d simply like to share an assembly you’ve created), please post the assembly SKP here so others can download and learn from it.

If it can’t be created, let’s discuss why and figure out what gaps currently exist in Profile Builder that could possibly be addressed in a future version.

What are Assemblies?
Profile Builder assemblies are parametric objects that follow a ‘path’ such as walls, fences, railing, roads, and more. See the 3DWH Collection for examples. Assemblies are comprised of extruded profiles and components placed along a path.

You need to have the Profile Builder extension to create, edit, and build assemblies in your SketchUp models.

So…any ideas? :grinning:

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From time to time, I spend time with PB and get it to do something cool. Then I walk away for a period of time, and when I come back to it, can’t remember how to use it. Now I need to brush up again to demo it at a seminar later this month. Last thing I did with it was Feeney Design Rail, and was proud to get the sub-assembly part to work, though it produced extraneous mid-panel spacers hiding inside each major post. I never figured out how to make them not happen.

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I suffer a similar problem… forgetting how to effectively use my assembly… it would be good if there was a larger description or note area to leave yourself how to instructions… particularly the reason for positioning of the path line as it may not be obvious in the assembly…

Opps ! just got back into PB3 and discovered the little corner tag on the description box that allows you to drag it much bigger… thats a help ! now if there is some basic text formatting commands (eg linespace etc) that would help create a much more readable description… :slight_smile:

PS the Assembly name box could be a lot wider…

Using a wider description box I was able to create a bit more informative description

Hopefully others using the assembly will automatically see the wider description box…
subject to Trimble not disabling this extension in SU 2021 releases with their “web services” policy!

Here is that assembly if anyone is interested
XD1 XD3 CEILING GRID.skp (41.9 KB)

PS… will Profile Builder 3 still work in SU 2021 after Trimble DISABLES “Web Services” in Jan 2024 ?

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Here are a few Assemblies I made…

muestra tunel.skp (31.8 KB)

calzada y acera.skp (597.2 KB)

seccion carretera.skp (20.4 KB)

seccion acera.skp (585.8 KB)

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Here is tunnel in combination with TrueBend extension…

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