Profile Builder 3 - Edit Assembly Path?

I am a reborn Profile builder devotee, having just gone back to a creative role and using SU in anger again. I have been happily creating assemblies.

I may being a bit thick, or missed something - is there a way of modifying the “path” of the assembly after it has been made. I’m just thinking for when I need to “adjust” it after the client has seen it and I have made loads of holes for doors etc.

See [Video number 5](Official Training Course – mind.sight.studios. Editing path is about the 6.30 mark.


Awesome - This button!


I’m at that point in a project where I have used a load of plugins to do stuff super fast and can’t remember how half of them work :smiley:

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I’ll warn anyone using this path editor… it will reset the assembly, so alter the path THEN cut door/window holes. If you alter the path after cutting the holes you’ll loose them!

MindSight has another extension called DoubleCut that should enable the movement of the windows etc.

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