Profile Builder 3 Assemblies and Holes

Hi I am trying Profile Builder and would be more than interested in purchasing several licenses however my questions to Mindsight Studios have gone un-answered. I have what I thought was a very simple task. I wanted an assembly to punch holes at a given frequency, (spacing) and location. The Hole tool in Profile Builder 3 is awesome… I just want to automate it! Any Ideas? Am I missing something? Right now I have to draw a circle in Sketchup and save it as a component to be repeated as part of an assembly and that doesn’t work for me. The end result will be parts cut out on a plasma cutter.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Not exactly sure of what you need.
You would have to build your original assembly and save it as a custom assembly which can then be used again in the future without having to remake it. The original requires some input, but once you have that assembly built I suppose its use beyond that could be seen as automated?

Hello, I am part of the mind.sight.studios team. If you want to direct message me your email used to contact us I can look up your past tickets. When creating a ticket using our contact page user are taken to a page confirming the ticket was generated. They should then receive an automated email verifying the ticket has been created.

I am interested in building flanges around parts that we make. Profile builder seems to be a follow me tool on steroids, and I can only salivate at the thought of just instantly making a flange with hole spacing configured through the Profile Builder assembly manager.