New to Profile Builder

Hi there,

I am new to profile builder and am interested in building out a few fencing assemblies. I unfortunately do not understand all of the settings and I will attach an image of the problems I am running into. I’m not exactly sure where to even start in regard to asking questions about putting this assembly together correctly, but I hope this image can help.

The top broken mess is an assembly that was created by drawing the path line and then using the tool “Build Along Path”

The middle fence is an assembly built using the tool “Build Assembly”. Both are not working as you can see haha!


I had to watch some YouTube videos, particularly from the developer as I remember.

For it to create a system from an example, it needs to have 1 starting post, 1 ending post, and I think at least 2 repeating examples in the middle. It hasn’t been the easiest thing to learn, but with some effort I’ve gotten results eventually.

Hey RT Cool - Long time no talk haha!

Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look into the developer youtube videos and see what I can find out.