Profile Builder 3 - Fence Sections joined together

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I need some help to figure out how to make construction fence section that are joined via a footing, but the sections are seperate sections. The joined sections must be able to follow a line on a surface like a terrain.

I have attached the file I’m working on and made an example of the 2 sections placed on footings. They are originally a dynamic components. I tried to use the dynamic components, but when they have to follow a line on surface on a terrain, it looks terrible.

Construction_Fence.skp (544.6 KB)

I have watched several youtube videos but not really found what I’m looking for, so hope there are som ingenious folk’s in here that can help me :blush:

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Start here with the Official Training Course, found on this PAGE.


I have been there, but don’t find anything on how to make individual sections that are “linked” via the footing.

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Check out this file:

Construction_Fence.skp (216,0 KB)

Check the Axis of the components
basically, I made a Component of the fence and changed the one of the foorting. Since these fences are not to be bended (although this happens quit a lot:) I figured: it’s no real benefit using it as a profilemember.
So just components and some fiddling with the settings.
I always use the 20/80 rule, the initial setup is about 20% work get’s you 80 percent result and could be easily edited when you explode the group. Getting the last 20% will add another 80% work :slight_smile:


Think I’m missing the point in your reply, the file contains only the fence components and no settings for Profile Builder?

Have attached a new file where the fence is a dynamic component that can be dragged into multiple fence sections, but only on a straight line. We need the fence sections to follow a line on a terrain surface and I was hoping that Profile Builder was the answer for this?

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DynamicFence.skp (429.8 KB)

You can sample the group on the right via the Assembly dialog ‘Picker’ to load it.
The one with the curve as path.

If used in larger models, I strongly advice to reduce the segment of the used circles and replace the inner with a texture.

These kind of lattice structures can bloat the model very quickly.

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Thanks, now it made more sence to me.

I need to learn how to use Profile Builder på make this type of fence correct with safety locks and all, and to have no additional footings at the end etc.

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Heras Mobile Security Fence

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