Driving me nuts...Profile Builder 3.....any ideas?

Hi guys! New to Sketchup (Make 2017) and messing around with Profile Builder 3. I cant seem to get my assembly of an iron fence just right. Its fine at left-junctions but there is a problem at the right-junction.

I want to keep the fence running along the path in the direction of the arrow. And only have one post at each turn. For the first left turn I had to set a Pre left junction set back of 50mm (thickness of posts) to prevent the fence entering the geometry of the cube. Which worked fine. I then set a Pre right junction set back of 50mm for the second turn for the same reason.

However it now adds another post as the path line, the rest of the fence has to follow, is not set back. Plus the remainder of the fence is now inside the geometry of the cube.

I am trying to simulate taking sizes between walls (cubes) then auto generating a fence to scale using assemblies.

I hope this makes sense. Any tips or suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks.

[Edit]: Thanks for the reply, I have posted the model.

Since posting last, I have set back one of the lines 50mm in order to prevent the fence entering the geometry of the cube (as indicated in model).

Are you supposed to just factor this in when taking the measurements and drawing out the path to follow due to the assembly following the path on left hand side of the line?

The alteration I made gives me the correct post configuration that I am after but results in the 3 middle fence panels not being equally sized and also there appears to be some geometry inside the post (as indicated in model).

Thanks again.

Sketchup assembly problem.skp (326.7 KB)

Post the model so we can see what you have going on.

Edit: I added Profile Builder 3 to the title to clarify the subject.

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