Profile builder 4 troubleshooting

thank you in advance ! I am trying to use profile builder 4. I made some door holes and had the full depth button checked and thus made 2 holes through 2 separate walls (I think this is what happened b/c I didn’t purposely make the hole and its aligned with the first hole, that being said the holes are on different profile members and thus groups which doesn’t seem like that should be possible) . for some reason it did not do it on all the walls which was a blessing. once I was done I noticed the unwanted hole and tried to close it. first I did it by the original hole but it only closed the whole I wanted to keep (its on profile member group). so the video I am including is showing my attempt to close the whole but its like PB4 isn’t totally responding . you will see it works for other holes on the same profile member, just not the only one I need to disappear (and don’t know how it got there in the first place) what am I doing wrong?

I noticed that I was struggling with some of the other new feature as well. when separate profile members are made each one becomes its own group. so if I want to use the join embers feature do I have to explode both members since I can only edit one group at a time. it also gives me a rename group pop up window that I haven’t seen in any of the tutorials…
any help would be great. thanx. b

Go to Support page for Profile Builder. If further questions, you may contact them directly.