Profile Builder 3, editing the active profile member issue

Hi everyone,

When using profile builder 3, I am having an issue when I want to edit the active profile member. What happens is, once I exit the editing, the profile is either now upside down, or facing the wrong way.

Has anyone had this issue? To get around it, I just keep making new profiles that have the tiny differences I need. (For example, the projection of crown molding might be different over my cabinets than when placed on the wall). I thought this new feature of PB3 was going to save me from creating a new profile every time there needs to be a slight change to part of it.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Could you share the profile?
And explain what you’d expect?

Sure. Will do that tomorrow though. I have meetings the rest of the day today. Thanks.

Sorry for not following up last month. Attached is an example of a baseboard profile changing direction after it is edited. In this particular case, all I wanted to do was to extend it around the corner shown. Once I edited the length of the path, the profile turned itself around and now it is flush with the wall instead of being on the wall. Any fixes for this?

You could try checking the mirror check box and re run the profile.

PB does seem to have a quirk with reversing profiles unexpectedly.

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Hi Velina,

If the member gets reversed, just right-click it and choose Profile Builder -> Reverse Selected.

You can also use the mirror attribute as Gstudios suggested but reversing it is faster. You can also easily set up a short-cut key for reversing it so then it is super fast! :slight_smile:

For more PB support, may I suggest that you check out our Help Desk?

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Why thank you. I will.

@Whaat Holy cow! That was super easy. And it worked. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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