Profile Builder Placement Point

Hey All~
Is there anybody out there that uses profile builder and can explain how to put the placement point exactly where you want it? I can’t make sense of it. I try to move it by small increments either positive or negative and sometime it moves as expected and sometimes it jumps far from the intended area. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if I’m not understanding the concept. In this screenshot I’m trying to get the placement point in the crook of the rabbet. This is a small applied molding that goes on the inside edge of a cabinet door. Any help would be appreciated. Usually I can make it work with trial and error but not today! I’m using profile builder 3.

Try this Steve,

For my example I started with the point at the bottom left corner and then added the horizontal and vertical offset dimensions in the fields to the right. Note in this case they are both negative values but they are the same as the dimensions of the notch for the profile.


That worked like a charm Dave! So is negative always to the right for the X axis and up fore the Y axis or is it relative to where you put your placement point initially?

I’m glad that worked for you. As for the positive/negative thing it might help to think of the red dot as fixed and the profile moving even though it looks like it’s the other way around. So you are moving the profile to the left (negative x direction) and down (negative z direction) in this case.


Thanks Dave! You’re the man…as always. :laughing:

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