Question on Profile builder?

Hello gang, I am trying to run a molding along a certain path with a dado type joinery. Kind of hard to explain so I am attaching a few pics of what I am trying to do? I tried profile builder but cannot seem to get it right? I created the profile and tried to get it to run along the path I want but no luck!! I tried this before I came here to ask the experts!!

I think I am doing something just a little wrong??

Thank you!!


Are you going to T&G your joints also?

This is an approximation of what you have. But as the default red dot can only be on a corner or center of the profile edge so you’d need to offset a line or adjust the + & - amounts in the panel to get the dot to the dpeth of the dado cut. or you can offset a line on the piece which will do the same in a different way as in second example.

It could be done with “follow me” but you’d have to manually mitre.

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Thats great! Thank you guys!!


For the demo I don’t think I will need to show that?

thank you!


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If you offset the outside edge inwards and use that for the path, you can avoid the overlapping corners shown in the gif.


Yes, in the second gif of the first post I’d done it with an offset which eliminated the issue…foolishly didn’t do it for the “follow me” example!

So you did, I didn’t notice that in the Profile Builder post. I thought I’d share for others to know how to get round the overlap thing if they come across it.

Does this constitute a bug? you’d think the results should be the same no matter which way?
Thanks for pointing it out though.

I think you’re asking the wrong person, but I reckon it’s a geometry thing. I think if you offset in the amount the profile overlaps the “outer path” then it makes it good. Probably just how the operation is calculated.

Someone might tell us better

I wasn’t aware of this. I’ll have to try messing around and check it out. Thanks.