Profile builder 3

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knows about a setting that I can change to get rid of the expressed mitered joint on my window casing as shown in the screen shot. I know that I have the “mitered” setting selected, but in PB2, I didn’t have to select continuous to get rid of the mitered line. Now I have to go in and hide the miter line no matter if I pick continuous or mitered line. Thanks for any info.


You can select all your pieces and then select a different “junction type” and then in the “edit member properties” you can select the “junction” option and it should update the junctions to that selected. In so doing I can see this works for some types but not all, and so wonder if this a bug in PB? I would ask over on their help area.
Although one would expect to see a mitre line with cut molding?

Yes, I don’t mind seeing the joint lines, but my boss likes a “clean” presentation for our clients to look at. He liked the way PB2 worked. I’ll ask over on their help area as you suggested. Thanks! I’ll update this post if I find anything out.

So Mindsight Studios said to just use the follow me tool if I don’t want the miter line to show. :smirk:

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That is the “follow me option” within profile builder? not reverting to SU follow me?


They said to use the one within SU, not the one within profile builder.

You can see by using the “follow me” option inside of profile builder you will get the same results as using just the follow me tool in SU. The benefit to using PB as you have it already is the ability to edit this afterwards.


Does PB3 come with some profiles and assemblies automatically instead of having to importing folders and downloading files? (And is importing and downloading easier with PB3 compared to PB2?)

It comes with samples folder of profiles in versions 2 & 3, but seem to recall there used to les?be more folders of profiles?

unzip in the

I think they should have an option on the install as to which profile libraries you want to install, would be easier.