Profile Builder 3 and miter joints

Hello, I just got the trial version of Profile Builder 3 and now I see that when I try to connect two profiles I cannot connect them to the miter joint. When using the option along the patch, miter joints are created automatically. But sometimes i have to rotate materials and i want to connect it again. Is there any options to do that ? I want to connect this two profiles using miter joint

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No problem, but like I said, this only works for creating new profiles. I want to join existing profiles this way. Or I can’t and have to create new profiles every time I want to make a miter join ?

you can Edit existing profile members in your model by selecting them first, change the properties in the Dialog (like insertion point, assigned Tag or material, even choose a different profile and then click the middle button in the middle at the bottom (green checkmark)

It will pop-up a properties panel where you select the properties that you want to update. (or choose ‘All’ )
Then hit ‘Apply’

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