Plugin for steel miters?

Are there any plugins to help miter angles on steel angle and channel in sketchup?

Although it’s a paid extension, Profile Builder 3 would work great for that and it includes steel profiles in it’s library.

Profile Builder

I don’t mind pay for plugins as long as it’s worth the money!

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Depending upon what you do, it is well worth the money.

If you have a lot of steel fabricating to do it would be worth it for you.

Try the free trial.

That’s what I do is steel fabrication

here is a useful video showing a number of ways to miter a corner profile ( including profile builder - the older version)

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Thanks I sure will check it out

I’m glad you posted that, although I have no problem mitering, my eyes were opened to other techniques to accomplish them. Thanks!

Like any journey, there’s many ways to get to the same destination. That’s why I said there’s no redundancy in additional comments in how to do things as each technique may suit a persons workflow better than another…also hard to break old habits too even if there are more efficient solutions!

You guys are very helpful again thanks for the info

Hi Eddieb378,
I am the creator of Profile Builder. My background is structural steel design (used to be a structural engineer) so I can tell you that PB has a lot of features that are great for steel and structural modeling. There are few different ways to make corners (continuous, miter joint, butt joint). If you use the miter joint junction method, each segment will be mitered and created as a separate object.