How To Get Plugins In SketchUp for Web

I need steel forms, but don’t see how to get them.

The web versions of SketchUp have no facility for using extensions. Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free so presumably this is a hobby thing for you. You can either model the steel yourself or maybe find something suitable in the 3D Warehouse.

The options did not include SketchUp for Web. Is the free version different?

SketchUp Free is one of the web versions and is the “Free Plan”. The other options would be Studio, Pro, or Go. None of those are free.

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SketchUp for Web comes in two flavours: SketchUp Free and the paid SketchUp Go. Neither can use extensions.

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Thank you both.

Search in 3D Warehouse with keyword ’ Staalprofielen '.
Be sure to check if measurements are correct before using one or more of these profiles!

That keyword did not come up.

Yes I did. It was just to get OP started.
JanT may be from a Dutch person (although I may be wrong), hence the Dutch keyword. But there are many other words like yours to get profiles. Measurements may be different depending on the region.

Look under ’ models ’ in 3D Warehouse as @DaveR already suggested before.

Thanks. I did find that under Models. However, I was hoping for square tubing to be included.

Thanks again.

Square tubing is simple to model with native tools. You could model square tubing from scratch in less time than you spend searching the 3DWH for it.

Imagine what they would be called when searching for models in 3D Warehouse.
(maybe square tubes?)

Oh, now I get it. Rather than looking for a set of shapes, look for each shape individually. That makes all the difference. Thanks very much.

So, how do I add it to my drawing?

It will help if you try some things yourself.
There’s a large button beneath the presented model (here square tubes) that says ’ Download '. Clicking that won’t hurt your computer. In fact you’ll see the downloaded model follow your cursor in the current modeling space. Click there to add the downloaded model.

(Thank you for correcting that stupid mistake for me, I was just about to do that myself)

I could not find the download button. Then it occurred to me that perhaps the programmers failed to make the web page W3C compliant. Sure enough, I was able to zoom out and find that button off the bottom edge of the screen.

Thanks for the tip.