Extensions for SketchUp for Web

Is it possible to use extensions in the web version? I don’t seem to be able to do it.

No.You can’t use extensions with SketchUp web versions.

But you can install v2017-Make in parallel… and that supports many extensions…
navigate to get the v 2017-make download…

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Any suggestions on how to make compound curves. All the tutorials and videos I have watched seem to use extensions.

Can you show an image of the sort of curve you want to make?

Don’t know how to copy it. I tried to copy and paste but that didn’t work. Can it be uploaded somehow?


Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 2.42.50 PM

Here is a screenshot. I’m trying to model the catamaran we lived on. This is one hull and the sides are not symmetrical. The bow is difficult.



While you could get it done with the native tools in SketchUp Free, it seems like a good candidate for Some extensions that could be used in the desktop versions.

Unfortunately, I just bought the web version not realizing the limitations.



So you bought the subscription to SketchUp Shop? There are ways to manage it with the native tools. To make it correctly you would plot so points along the curve and then connect the points. You could start with an arc, explode it and then use the Move tool to move the vertices. Or you might be able to get close enough be connecting arcs.

Another option might be to start with a cylinder that you sub-divide and the move the vertices around. No question about it, though, it’ll be tedious.

As TIG suggested, you might consider installing SketchUp 2017 Make or you could think about upgrading to SU2019 Pro. You could contact Customer Support about upgrading.

BTW, if you’ve switched to SketchUp Shop, perhaps you can take a few moments to correct your profile. That information helps us help you.

Don’t forget the two point arc is very versatile.


The Blue curve indicates tangent from where you started, a Magenta curve means that it’s tangent on the second line, too.

Double clicking let’s you draw the curve instantly.

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You could try like this:


How do I correct my profile. My profile shows Shop and Free but I don’t seem to be able to delete the free.

Click on the W in the violet circle in the upper right corner of the forum screen. Click on your name there, then the gear icon for Preferences and then Profile. You should be able to edit the version there.

Here’s the way it looks for me.



Any reason why v2017 and not v2018?

2017 Make is free for non-commercial use. There is no 2018 Make. Certainly there’s no reason the OP couldn’t install SU2018 but it would run for 30 days and be done. At this point if he was going to do that, he should installed 2019 so he can actually purchase a license for it if he needs to continue using it after the 30 days pass.

OK thank you. Good to know. I’m just starting on Sketchup and so wanted to use the free version for house design at least to start with, but I can already see its limitations. v2017 could be the solution.

2017 would be an option if you are your house designs are a hobby.