How to use SketchUp online? Campervan interior. Newbie

I know this is a dumb question or set of questions but this is my first time trying to use SketchUp free online. I am trying to build some cabinets for my campervan and finding it very hard. I have 25 years of graphic design but 0 hours with SketchUp

So I downloaded some simple PDF instructions on how to build it. This came with the SketchUp. But as you can imagine, there isn’t a button that does it for me :slight_smile: Basically I thought I could easily change dimensions and draw sizes. So whilst useful, it is no good to me.

Where should I start? I have noticed that there is extensions that can build cabinet, but I take that I cannot use extensions via the free online version

How do I grab an entity, like a drawer, move it and the make it smaller?
How would I make the cabinet to the same size to fit the drawer? Is there a function that remembers the overall size?
What version should I buy, If I have too?
I am only doing the one thing and not a pro so I want it to be cheapish and be able to use extensions

Sorry newbie help needed


Sorry but extensions don’t work with the web versions. You would have to buy SU Pro. How about this concept… spend some time learning how to use the software ? You should look at the online courses here….

Thanks I will take a look. But not being a carpenter puts me at a disadvantage. I need to download other peoples models and edit them. I need cutting lists etc


You’ll need to understand the use of the tools to properly edit a model drawn by someone else. You might want to do some online searching to find drawings of cabinets similar to what you want. It will make editing easier if you have a basic idea of how cabinets are built.

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So of course, as @tuna1957 indicates, you’ll need to learn to use the tools in SketchUp to be able to do this. Keep in mind that the suitability of the models you get from others will depend on their skill and what it is they modeled. Not all models will be suitable for making shop drawings from.

Once you have the model appropriately constructed you can interrogate the components to get their dimensions and create your cutlist. In the free version this will be a manual task. In SketchUp pro you could use an extension that would automatically generate a cutlist for you.


I have done that but obviously cannot find an exact model that fits. I have downloaded a train of an extension Oob cabinets, useful but it doesn’t allow me to have different sized drawers. I have also reached out to the developer but the contact link does work, so I commented on a you tube video? With no reply.

I would not purchase a plugin if I couldn’t get help:)

There should be a Pay for service where I can give someone a basic sketch and they produce a model with cultist :slight_smile:

Might have to break down and learn how to create the model from scratch. If I were doing a project such as you describe I wouldn’t even think about trying to modify a model created by someone else. It would be much less work to model it correctly from from the ground up.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web) and as previous indicated, extensions won’t work with that version. Maybe you are using SketchUp Pro? If that’s the case please correct your forum profile. That information helps us help you. When it’s incorrect it creates confusion for all.

There is and you can. I do that for clients all the time.

I have a trial version of sketchup pro and a trial of Oob cabinets. But as I said you cant have different sized drawers.

Not sure what this means, am I in the wrong forum? Is there a forum for Oob cabinets or extensions?



You indicated in your profile you are using SketchUp Free (web) which is not the same as SketchUp Pro.

You also indicate there’s no GPU which is impossible.

If that’s the case, it would be possible to modify the drawers after the extension creates them

The fact that your profile indicates you are usig the web version of SketchUp is the problem. We’re trying to help you based on the version of SketchUp you are using.

There is a forum category for extensions in general but not one here specifically for OOB Cabinets. There may be one somewhere. I haven’t ever felt the need for an extension to model cabinets so haven’t looked for a forum on the topic.

I work from my home office. Among other sorts of projects I create detailed shop drawings for furniture and casework.