Introduction ron k jeffries

New (soon to become) SketchUp user. This forum software is a bit confusing but I shall overcome.

I have two use cases for openers:

plan kitchen cabinet layout (will purchase cabinets)

create drawings for a building a small 7 ft x 8 ft room. Ability to generate cut lists would be nice but not essential.

Based on Reddit feedback I think I need to use a Windows computer and can start withy free version then upgrade to a paid version.

I had hoped to use the web version on my Chromebook but that doesn’t seem like a good way to go.

I have zero 2D or 3D design experience but can learn, Ant words of wisdom to a newbie are appreciated. If there is an excellent tutorial that would be great. Next step is watch a few YouTube video (but there’s so much junk…)

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to our community! I would recommend starting with SketchUp Campus ( Check out the Fundamental courses to start. Once you have that under your belt, check out the official SketchUp YouTube page… the guys over there do a pretty good job of presenting info on using SketchUp !

The Free version of SketchUp is a web version. It works well and will work on your Chromebook. But it does not include the accompanying Layout program for 2D drawings nor can it run extensions like a cut list plugin, only pro can do that.

SketchUp runs just fine on Mac or Windows, Reddit is worth what you pay for it.

Thank you. So the Web version is ok for 3D such as visualizing a kitchen layout?

Or what a small 5x8 building will look like?

How much will lack of plug ins affect usability?

Initially, not at all, all the core concepts and abilities are the same, and even in the long run it might not really effect your work. In terms of creating and managing geometry almost everything that can be done in Pro can be achieved in Free as well, extensions often just help to speed up or automate processes that can be done manually in Free. Certainly for accurate modeling and visualization of an architecture project like you describe SketchUp Free is more than capable. As long as your projects are personal and not for work I would recommend you start getting to know SketchUp Free and learning how to use the program. If, someday you find a genuine need for a feature only available in Pro (like geolocation, or Layout for making 2D documents) you can always upgrade to pro later. The interface is a little different but the concepts and tool usage are identical so your learning time in Free will not be wasted and any working files you have will open in any version so you will not loose your work. And, don’t listen to Reddit. The Free version is remarkably powerful and you can’t beat the price. :wink:

Thanks again I

I will get going with free web version.

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‘Add location’ → Street map is available in SketchUp Web Free. Adding the satellite image instead of that street map is only for the pro version.

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