Sketchup for Kitchen Cabinetry Design

Hello everybody,

I am currently trialing sketchup in a way I’ve never used it before, to see if I could possibly replace my existing kitchen design software (Mozaik) and bring everything I do into SketchUp alone.

Has anybody, or does anybody currently do kitchen cabinetry design in Sketchup, and have a list of plugins or a workflow they would be willing to share?

Ideally I would like to;
Be able to create pre-defined cupboards (Possibly through the built in components)
Easily resize units without having to re-draw
Easily change options, like door type, handle types, etc. without having to re-draw
Report and present cutting lists and material quantities
Export to CNC

The big catch, is that whatever I use, whether it be a series of plugins, or whatever, would need to be efficient and quick. I’m happy to take the necessary time to build component libraries. Alterations would need to be done without having to re-draw though, cutting lists, cnc export and quantities would need to be quick, accurate and simple. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be financially worth culling Mozaik.

I’ve tried a few plugins, and had a look through various posts, haven’t really found anything that ticks the boxes above, I understand sketchup probably isn’t best suited for this type of work, but just thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.


Stick with Mozaik.

For design SU is perfect. For a manufacturing operation linked to CNC, not so capable.

Take a look at Cabmaker a SU extension. It is fantastic as a replacement for Mozaik.


I just watched a bit of the Mozaik intro video on their website.
I’d 100% stick with that software.

I occasionally do cabinetry, kitchens, retail interiors etc and Sketchup is not really geared up for manufacturing or CNC. Or at least not in a well established company like mine where the engineering department all use AutoCAD or other 2D cad packages.

My Layout drawings get converted to DWG and then the engineers have to rework ready for the CNC.

It looks like Mozaik does all of that already so you’d just be spending more money for Sketchup and any plugins that would help streamline your workflow.

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I’d be happy to give you a tour of cabmaker. It should do everything you want at a fraction of the cost.


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Thank you all for your replies, I’ve had a look at a few plugins, including Cabwriter, Cabmaker and Cabinet Sense. I do feel that at this stage that while Mozaik is certainly the more expensive option, what it saves in time efficiency would be worth the cost in continuing to use it.