CNC newb: SketchUp to Mozaik

Hey guys. My wife and i, are a person design and build company. We’ve started doing a lot more kitchens in the last couple years, so we just pulled the plug on a ShopSabre cnc.

My wife has done all our design, and all of our drawings for clients in SketchUp since we started. We kind of committed to using Mozaik, since it came heavily discounted with the shopSabre.

Will we be able to bring the SketchUp drawings into Mozaik easily, or is she going to have to start designing in mozaik and export to SketchUp from there?

I know the thing about mozaik is you kind of have to establish a building style, and that can kind of take some time, but wondering if we can establish that, can it be drawn that way in SketchUp and imported to mozaik, or is that never gonna work.


Pulled the plug or Pulled the trigger? :upside_down_face:

I don’t use Mozaic but I have exported a lot of geometry from Sketchup for CNC’ing.
I’m guessing that if your work is principally cabinetry you shouldn’t have any trouble exporting dxf’s or dwg’s and importing them into Mozaic.
If you’re needing to send files with radii you need to be more careful. Sketchup can export true arcs and circles but if you do it wrong you will have a series of unjoined straight segments which, depending on the size of them can be cut could work fine but could be a nightmare.
Either way, remember to set a view at 90 degrees to your geometry and to turn perspective off or your scale will go nuts.
I always export something of a known size like a 100mm x 100mm square along side my shapes so I can check the scale of the export in my CNC software. I delete this before generating the G Code.

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I don’t use it either, but if I did a lot of cabinet work I probably would. All of my CNC work is custom one offs. Looks like Mozaic uses Sketchup. It seems the design of the actual cabinets needs to be done in Mozaic in order to utilize all the benefits of the software, then viewed (and modified if needed) in SketchUp. Checkout their videos:

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Olá, eu também fabrico móveis e muitas cozinhas, eu faço absolutamente tudo no sketchup.
Faça um estudo sobre componentes dinâmicos e desenvolva sua biblioteca para agilizar seus projetos!
O SKP é uma ferramenta muito interativa e fácil!
Pode ser que não entendi o que realmente precisa, se puder ser mais específico talvez o fórum possa te ajudar!