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Morning! Total newbie here. Hubby has tried the free version of sketchup but now that we’ve kinda nailed down kitchen reno plans, we are looking at getting a subscription to begin our visualizations on what precisely we want to do. Our biggest issue is whether or not we can create a cut list for materials in Sketchup Shop or should we go with the pro version.

There are a number of cutlist extensions available that can automatically create what you need if you’ve made the model correctly. The web versions, including Shop, have no fcility at this time to use extensions though. So of your choices, SketchUp Pro would be the option. That would give youLayOut, too, which you might find useful for creating construction documents and other output from your SketchUp model.

Thank you Dave! I kinda figured that but he said to ask anyway.

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Dave’s advice is always good, and worth following.

But one other option (though it doesn’t give you Layout except for a 30-day trial, and older versions of the software) is to use the last free desktop version of SU, Make 2017.

As it’s only for personal, non-commercial use, you would (I think - subject to correction) be within the terms of the free licence.

You could try that for starters, anyway. When first installed, it gives you 30 days of use of SU 2017 Pro, including Layout, but reverts to the free Make version after that. And Make will run extensions, including sever CutList extensions.

However, in the context of the cost of a full kitchen renovation, a one year subscription to SU Pro would not be a large fraction of the total cost.

It would do no harm to give Make a try, before deciding whether the additional features of a later version of Pro including Layout would be worth your while to pay for.

here a video for Sketchup Plugin “CutList”
I would have the same advice as John
Have fun with the kitchen construction

happy new year from Switzerland

happy new Year from Switzerland