Bezier curves tool - Web Go


Good afternoon all.

I am a SketchUp web ‘Go’ user and would like to use the bezier curves tool. And understand that you need to be able to work with extensions for that, but unfortunately the ‘Go’ version doesn’t support that. Is there a possibility with my ‘Go’ license to download a desktop version where it is possible to work with extensions?

Are you using SketchUp for commercial purposes, or for a personal hobby? If (and ONLY if) your use is personal you could download SketchUp Make 2017, which still works with most extensions. It is NOT licensed for commercial use.

It is no longer available from the official SketchUp download page, but you can search this forum for a legitimate alternative source, for use on either Windows or Mac operating systems.

I found this post with a link for Windows.

If however you are using SU for commercial purposes, your only option to use plugins or extensions is an annual subscription to SU Pro.

Dear John, Thank you for your message!

I only use SketchUp for my hobby. The purchase of the WEB Go version seemed attractive to me, precisely because no software had to be installed.

It seems desirable to me that a tool like the bezier curves is available in a paid version. Surely that’s part of a designer’s basic toolbox!? :slight_smile:

Is there an option that you know of to submit a feature request to Trimble somewhere? That seems to me to be the fastest way to possibly realize this…

There is a section for feature requests here in the forum. There have been others that have requested extensions be available for the web version… These would have to be written for web use as the extensions used on the desktop version will not work.

I have now found this section. Thnx! I will post my request there.