Feature request - Bezier curves tool for Web Go

Hi Team. With great pleasure, I use the WEB version and have purchased the Go license to be able to use all functionalities.

I’m just missing an important feature. And that’s the Bezier curves tool. I am aware that extensions are not possible in the WEB version, and therefore no bezier curves.

Question: is it possible to add the Bezier curves tool to SketchUp without using an extension?
This addition would give the Go version considerable added value.


As currently built, only the developers can add features to SketchUp Go. They do not normally reveal their priorities or plans. The best way to affect them is for lots of users to show their support by liking this post.


Hello Development Team. Can you tell us something about this topic?

Don’t hold your breath. Even if the feature is in the works, they won’t talk about it until it’s released.

Mmmm… Thanks Dave for your response! It’s never too late to optimize communication :slight_smile:
Is there another way to make a feature request known to SU that you know?

You’ve made the feature request already.

The team are not allowed to talk about upcoming features or when they might be released.